Accessibility Renovations

With one in five Canadians aged 65 and older, and numbers increasing every year, many are considering age-in-place options, desiring independence for as long as possible. Accessibility features used to be added in a quick scramble, following a fall or significant change in mobility. Today, growing numbers of Canadians are looking to the future and taking proactive steps to age-in-place. None of us are in a hurry to feel old, but we understand that there will come a time when we need to make adjustments, in order to stay in our home. Why wait until it’s critical?

Carmana Home Improvements will work with you to provide elegant, discreet home improvements that will allow you to live in your home for many years to come, making more critical/evident additions when necessary, such as rails throughout the house that allow a senior to walk without the fear of falling. We’ll meet you where you are: full-on ready for accessibility changes, or wanting to stage it gently and discreetly. We provide a range of options to meet every need.

Need full accessibility accommodations immediately? We can help. Our thoughtful design team will discuss your requirements and provide you with a list of recommendations, ensuring immediate safety and convenience in the home. We can install sturdy railings throughout, install ramps, renovate the kitchen and/or bathroom for wheelchair accessibility, lower light switches, install motion sensor lights in each room – there is so much that can be done, depending upon your specific needs. Let us help you develop a plan and make immediate improvements, while preparing for any larger renovations that may be required. We recognize that each moment without good accessibility, can be unsafe. We’re here for you! Let’s get to work.

Discreet home improvements could be changes such as ensuring there are no sunken  rooms, when they could easily all be on the same level, or renovating the bathroom to ensure future wheelchair access, remove a step-over ridge into the shower, installing a shower seat, allowing for sit-down showers, or simply changing the door handles to lever style handles that don’t require as much manual dexterity. Let our team of knowledgeable planners work with you to come up with something that suits your style and addresses where you’re at, in terms of requiring accessibility.

With Carmana Home Improvements, you can trust that our team of professionals will handle every aspect of your accessibility renovations with care and expertise. Every modification is meticulously executed, with a focus on detail, to create a comfortable, attractive and accessible living environment. Our team will work closely with you to transform your home into a space that continues to meet your current needs, while supporting you as you age, allowing you to embrace your future with confidence and comfort. Call us today to begin the planning process.